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Killsound-Paket 2

EUR 10.00

You will receive an exclusive XL package with 5 animal killsounds on the server network.
A killsound is a short melody, which will be played right after killing a player. Killsounds are hearable for players near you. You can use the command /cosmetics to choose or switch your killsound.

By purchasing this package, you get the following killsounds:

  • + Roar
  • + Meow
  • + Chicken Cackle
  • + Wolf Howling
  • + Grunt

Hint: Currently the killsounds are available for BedWars, SkyWars, Cores, JumpLeague, TTT, SpeedUHC, EnderGames, Cookies, Game1vs1/Kit1vs1, Survivalgames, and Quick-Survivalgames.
Killsound-Paket 2

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